How I Came to Faith in Jesus - Pt 2

For our second interview, I decided to ask my friend Karen, from church, to share how she came to trust in Jesus a few years ago.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm married (for 4 years) to Nathan, and I'm a mother of 2 - Oliver is 2 and Abigail is 1. I am expecting to give birth to our 3rd child early Nov. I love to read but do not get much time to do so! I also love to have coffee with friends!

What did you trust in before you trusted in Jesus?

Myself and my money. I loved to be in control without having to justify my actions to anyone. I have since learned that is not a wise nor trustworthy way to live and you soon end up in a downward spiral!

How did you come to faith in Jesus?

Four years ago I had lost all of my friends through my selfish actions. Life was pretty bad - I worked long hours, spent half of my wage on shoes, clothes, bags etc... and drank heavily with "work friends" as well as at home to try and fill the "something" that was missing in my life. Based on what I had observed through my god-mother, I decided that church would be a good place to get some new friends - I had no intention of meeting this Jesus guy! I started going to church with an old work colleague and felt instantly welcomed. Over the next couple of weeks I experienced things I couldn't explain nor control. I would start to cry uncontrollably during the singing (at this stage I refused to sing as I thought it was all a bit too weird) and I felt as if each and every sermon was directed towards me. After 4 weeks I finally acknowledged that there is more to life than just me, there is a God - a living God Jesus, who cares for me and wants to be in a relationship with me. He shows me what to change in my life and how to change it - he doesn't make me guess. I was in the womens' toilets (still crying uncontrollably) when I made the decision not to rely on myself - but on Jesus. I was incredibly sorry for my sinful ways, so I asked for and accepted the forgiveness that can only come from Jesus and asked him to be Lord of my life.

What difference has your faith in Jesus made to your life?

I no longer feel completely lost and the "something" that was missing in my life has now been filled. I now live with purpose and hope. My family can not believe the difference in me - I am less self centred, and more Christ centred. When I go through the storms of life I now know that I do not have to do it on my own - I have Jesus walking (and most of the time carrying!) me through them. I also no longer have a void in my life which I can try to fill with expensive clothes, shoes, bags or alcohol!!!!