Some talks on faith

If you've finished reading the book and want to keep thinking about this topic, here is a list of talks on the topic of faith that might be useful:

* A sermon series from All Souls Langham Place, recommended by Lee, called Faith in the Dark, which takes a closer look at the book of Job.

* John Piper has given a number of talks on this topic over the years that have been compiled together in the topic index.

* 2 talks given by Phillip Jensen as part of a series on key texts in Romans: one on 'faith alone' (Rom 3:20), and one on 'Abraham's faith' (Rom 4:5)

* Mark Driscoll has two talks that are on this topic called Faith and Works and Faith.

* Plus there's the 4 talks that Bryson Smith gave on 'Faith' before he wrote the book. Worth a listen!