An EQUIP 'mini' book club meeting

Last month, I asked some of you who were starting their own spin off EQUIP 'mini book clubs' to send me some photos of their groups and share how the meetings are going. I got my first response this week from Janelle who sent me this account of their first meeting...

I didn't have a clue when I put the notice in our newsletter what the response would be, but after lots of enquiries, our mini book club finally met on Saturday afternoon. Now who can think of a more pleasant thing to do than sitting in front of the open fire with a coffee and 9 other ladies chatting about your faith?

Here are the details...

Who: 10 ladies from our 4 different Sunday services; a couple I knew, most not. The age range was from 21 - 70 something.

Book: first EQUIP book club book - Faith by Bryson Smith.

How it happened: After people introduced themselves briefly, I (used Nicole's idea and) asked one of the women whom I knew fairly well to share how she had come to faith in Christ; that was a great way to get the ball rolling. As in most groups, there were both open and more reserved types of personalities but everyone shared something of their thoughts so it appears it will be a good mix.
I had prepared a few discussion questions in case the conversation flagged and some of them were used, but I found too, that most of the women came already prepared with thoughts to share.

Results: I have to say, I was so encouraged by the discussion and by the feedback I got from the women. Several more ladies asked about the second book at church on Sunday night!

Favourite quotes:

"I haven't read a Christian book in years; I just knew I had to do it. This book was the perfect way to get me back into reading" (Michelle 35)

"I was thinking about what fills my mind; how much rubbish I watch on tv for example. I thought 'I need to get reading some good books which will give me good things to think'" (Caroline 21)

Finally: I'm miffed I forgot to take a photo!

If you've started a book club too, please share how it is going with the rest of us!

Pic by lulu...