Naked God - Pt5

In Chapter 10 Ayers lays out the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. He also spells out what the resurrection tells us about Jesus - namely that he is the champion over death, but not only that – he is the ruler over the world and ultimate judge. These are stunning realizations.

When I was in high school, struggling with my doubts again and again as a Christian, it was the evidence for the resurrection of Christ that I kept coming back to. Sometimes on a daily basis, as I lay in bed, in my mind I would run through the evidence for, and implications of, the resurrection. The fact is I simply found no other way around them than to believe and trust in Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Let's pray that God uses this book to give a similar realization to others.

In case you missed it, from what I’ve read so far…I recommend reading this book! As I flick ahead I see that Ayers addresses the cross and in part III looks at our position before God and the impact of the gospel. Although I still have a third of this book to go, it’s looking like a winner on the ‘good books to lend’ list. Thank you Mr Ayers! And thank you to you for reading my rambling thoughts and ponderings. I hope they have been some form of help.