Equip Book Club celebrates Thirty Years of Matthias Media

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Why 'The Daily Reading Bible' is one of my favourite Matthias Media titles

By Katie Stringer


We all know the idea that Bible reading is good for you. But so is exercise and eating greens. Just knowing a thing is good for you isn’t the same as actually doing something about it.

Like a lot of God’s good plans for us, this booklet-sized bit of Bible came into my hands at just the right time - right after having a baby!

The ‘Daily Reading Bible’ helped me, as a sleep-deprived third-time mum, to fall in love with Jesus’ words. Having a new baby means weirdly that you have no time and heaps of time! So many hours sitting in a chair feeding. That's where I got hooked on volume 8 with the gospel of John. With my spare hand  I’d reach on my shelf for this very light booklet that has all the Bible text printed out and thought-provoking questions, all in the one spot. I could feed my baby and feed myself at the same time. The questions were meaty and took me further into the Bible text than I could get on my own. And it gave me confidence to try doing it with other people.

Six months later I started a daytime women’s Bible Study group at my church. That first term we met and used The Daily Reading Bible. I bought copies for everyone in the group. Three years later that group is going strong and has grown to ten women. We’ve spent plenty of time in other Matthias Media resources. Some of our favourites have been: Prayer and the Voice of God; Guidance and the Voice of God; and the Full of Promise Old Testament Overview Bible study which we’re just finishing now. Some of the women in my group have marvelled at my ability to find good resources. Of course, I have to tell them these aren't magic skills. In fact, they’re just two words: Matthias Media!

Thanks so much for providing such Biblically faithful and interesting resources. Where I live God has used them to grow a new Bible Study group. Happy 30th! Keep it coming.


Meet Katie Stringer

Katie is a lover of books, baking and beaches. She leads a Bible Study at her local Anglican church and loves being part of the inner west community of Sydney. This year she commences a new job teaching the Bible at two local High schools. She would greatly appreciate your prayers for this endeavour.





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