The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read by Christopher Ash

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For a long time now, Married For God has been my go-to book for what the Bible says about marriage. Christopher Ash’s latest book, The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read, is another great example of why I like his writing so much. For a start, the title is so curious! Shouldn’t it be, ‘The Book You Wish Your Pastor Would Read!!’? Ash says there are many such books for ‘shepherds’ but this little book is for all of us, the ‘sheep’.

 The book begins with something that sounds a lot like commonsense – that pastors are people too. But then ‘boom’, Ash takes us to one verse in the Bible (Hebrews 13:17) and points out one word that we usually overlook. He shows how this one word radically motivates us to care for our ministers. It’s a practical book. I finished it, thinking about ways I could encourage my minister; but it’s so much more. Sprinkled with relevant Bible verses throughout, Ash doesn’t just give us ‘tips’ but explores the uniquely Christian life, a life shaped by a deep understanding of God and His purposes. The prayers at the end of each chapter were so helpful too, warming my naturally grumbly heart towards those whose lives are dedicated to the spiritual care of me and many others.

“Thank you Stephen and Rebecca for your willing oversight of the flock at Barneys.”

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