Suffering Well by Paul Grimmond


EQUIP19 Picks - 10 books chosen and reviewed for you by our EQUIP team

Everyone comes to a book on suffering with certain expectations. For me, I assumed that Paul Grimmond would answer the question ‘Why would a good, sovereign God allow suffering?’. Instead, he encourages us to put away our blinkers and turn our eyes to what God has to say on this painful topic. It’s an approach that is as refreshing as it is challenging. By humbling ourselves before God’s word, we find that our preconceived notions – while not entirely wrong – may have missed the central point of what God is communicating to us. God is not concerned with defending himself against our attacks on his character. Instead, he is concerned with preparing his people for a life that will, and must, contain suffering.

It should come as no surprise that following the Suffering Servant will lead to suffering! And yet, who loves suffering? Not me! Nor you, I suspect. The hardships and trials of life in a fallen world so often throw us, don’t they? And instead of clinging to Jesus, we are set adrift in a sea of doubt. Like the Bible, the bulk of this book doesn’t address the ‘why’ of suffering, but the ‘how’ of enduring suffering with godliness. The last chapter in particular is something I’ve not read in any other book on this topic.

Suffering Well is a must-read for everyone. It’s a vaccination against fallen life that you and I need, now and for the years to come. I guess, that’s why it’s been chosen as the EQUIP Essential Classic this year.

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