Captivated by Christ by Richard Chin


EQUIP19 Picks - 10 books chosen and reviewed for you by our EQUIP team

Captivated by Christ enabled me to see Jesus more clearly by delving deeply into the book of Colossians. It’s an easy read, like chatting with a good friend, as Richard Chin shares parts of his life, revealing how Colossians speaks to the issues of today. But don’t be fooled by Chin’s chattiness, this book will deeply challenge you! I felt my own heart laid bare, as God’s Word exposed how easily I can slip, following the worldly pursuit of happiness, rather than soberly embracing the Bible’s teaching on suffering, as part of the Christian life. It helped me to look at Jesus anew, in all his fullness. A timely reminder of my great salvation, it urged me to remain in Christ and pursue growing in godliness.

I’d recommend you read this book slowly, savouring each stage. Take the time to ponder your own life and measure it against God’s Word. You could read it on your own to look at Jesus afresh but it would also be very good read with another believer, maybe over a coffee, to mutually encourage and inspire. Or you could even use it in your small group for a kick into God’s reality.


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