Is God Green? by Lionel Windsor

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You would have to have your head in the sand, to be unaware of the very real threats to our planet, wouldn’t you? Lionel Windsor in his book ‘Is God Green?’ begins by asking, ‘How do you feel about these issues?’ Are you worried, distracted, anxious, complacent, resigned, apathetic, confident, sceptical?  Windsor is aware that we all come to this discussion with different ideas and emotions. Before he trained for Christian ministry, he was a solar energy engineer and so he is well qualified to help us see environmental issues from a Biblical perspective. Rather than applying a green lens to every issue, he points us to the big picture – giving us the Bible’s context for our issues, by understanding God, His son Jesus Christ, and His purposes for our world.

This book is a short, easy read that would be perfect to give to a teenager before they head out into the ‘real world’. It isn’t an academic tome full of jargon and philosophical arguments. Most Christians could read this in order to know why they think what they think, and so that they can decide how to respond to environmental destruction from a Biblical perspective. It would be excellent for a book club, a great quick read over the holidays, and a good resource for those in ministry. Why can’t Christians be complacent about the environment? Maybe you need to read this book.

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Meet Rachael Collins

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In a mostly unseen role Rachael has been the curator and editor of our online EQUIP Book Club for several years. Rachael loves to read all kinds of books and wants Christian women to read more Christian books, so that they can benefit from the insight and wisdom of others who might be very different to them.

She lives is Sydney’s growing north west with her husband, Mark, and their three boys. She drinks a lot of tea.