God's Good Design by Claire Smith


EQUIP19 Picks - 10 books chosen and reviewed for you by our EQUIP team

There are shelves of books out there about Biblical manhood and womanhood, but I have not read many that explain the Bible’s passages on this issue as thoughtfully and clearly as Claire Smith. I first read God’s Good Design years ago and have since used my dog-eared copy many times, as I have re-engaged with those ‘tricky’ passages on the roles of men and women. In fact, this has now become my book of choice that I recommend to anyone who would like some help in understanding God’s vision for men and women.

The world can make us feel very confused and a little embarrassed about the Bible’s teaching on this issue. But each read of this book has left me feeling richly blessed, having gained a deeper appreciation and thankfulness for the divinely-created, complementarian relationship between men and women. If you have a heart that desires to pay close attention to God’s word and you want clarity on what the Bible says about gender roles, please read this book! It will give you practical help in relating to men in marriage and the church. This second edition contains thoughtful discussion questions written by the author at the end of each chapter. This is a real bonus if you are planning on reading it with a group of sisters.


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