Why Bother With Church? by Sam Alberry


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You know those days when the beach looks like a better option than church? Or you’d rather stay in bed? Or anything else really!  Especially at this time of year, I can start feeling the ‘winter blues’ and get a bit tired of church. But this book is the perfect flu-shot!

I love this scaringly insightful little book. Sam Alberry realistically describes how church can feel like an effort and sometimes is just hard work. But then he gives me a more optimistic reminder of my church, as both ‘human’ and ‘spiritual’. Designed around questions like ‘Why do I need church?’ and ‘What makes a good church?’, it’s full of pithy Biblical insights told in a serious but humorous sort of way. There’s also great FAQs at the end of each chapter like ‘Can’t I view my small group as my church?’.

Alberry’s book feels short but it is packed full of goodies. There’s a couple of tiny points where you might have a different view, like on baptism. But it’s a great book any time of year, and even better shared with your growth group.


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Di is on the EQUIP Executive and has been involved in EQUIP since it began in 1999. She’s a regular speaker at EQUIP Women. Behind the scenes she enjoys mentoring and training our younger speakers.

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