The Good Portion: The Doctrine of God for Every Woman by Rebecca Stark


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The Doctrine of God is the first in a series written by women, for women, on doctrine. If all the other books in the series are like this one, then I can’t wait for the rest! Even though I’ve been a Christian for many years, I found this book a fresh read. As each chapter explained yet another facet of God’s glorious being, it re-tuned my heart to sing his praises. I like that the author Rebecca Stark doesn’t choose jargon for it’s own sake, but also doesn’t shy away from theological words, like aseity, when she feels they are needed, going on to explain them both clearly and memorably. Each chapter ends with a prayer and set of questions for further reflection. And they’re much more than a summary of what’s been written, pushing you to think well beyond the pages. For example, in her chapter ‘He Is One and He Is Three’, she asks - Could a single-person God save you? If I had one tiny niggle, it was that she didn’t specifically mention our role in God’s plans for the world, as speakers of the gospel.

Stark, writes in the online blogosphere and her first book reflects her chatty writing roots; it’s very readable. But don’t be fooled, it’s still a meaty read requiring time to digest all it’s goodness. I’m hoping to read it again with a friend to plumb its depths.


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