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Big Picture Parents: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life part 2

Book covers can only tell you so much. If it’s a book by Peter Carey or Jane Austen, then I know I am going to love it. I am personally working hard to spread my love of these two authors to anyone who will listen. Book reviews can help us go a bit deeper and see if we want to commit, and whether this will be the right book to give away. Maybe you have been thinking of giving Harriet Connor’s Big Picture Parents: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life to someone for Christmas? In this second post I will be telling you a bit more about this great parenting book, with some specific readers in mind. And during December I will also be reposting some previous reviews on books that would be ideal to give as gifts. In January, Equip Book Club will all be taking a break. Time for some novels, a biography or two and some more good Christian books.

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Big Picture Parents: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

 Do you like to read parenting books? Maybe you are past that stage, or not in that stage at all, but you would like to be able to recommend a good parenting book. Harriet Connor’s Big Picture Parents is like a breath of fresh air in a world filled with blogs, lists of top tips and Instagram pictures of everyone else’s perfect family. Sometimes it’s all a bit overwhelming and you need to step back and see the big picture.

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