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God's Good Design by Claire Smith

I first read God’s Good Design years ago, and have since used my dog-eared copy many times, as I have re-engaged with those ‘tricky’ passages on the roles of men and women. In fact, this has now become my book of choice, that I recommend to anyone who would like some help understanding God’s vision for men and women.

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Is God Green? by Lionel Windsor

This book is a short, easy read that would be perfect to give to a teenager before they head out into the ‘real world’. It isn’t an academic tome full of jargon and philosophical arguments. Most Christians could read this, in order to know why they think what they think, and so that they can decide how to respond to environmental destruction from a Biblical perspective.

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Goodbye to Goodbyes by Lauren Chandler and Catalina Echeverri

EQUIP19 Picks… While this book would traditionally be considered a children’s picture book, it speaks so beautifully of the reality of resurrection and hope, both through its words and Catalina Echeverri’s stunning illustrations, that it’s a book for adults too. A friend gave our family this book after our two-year-old daughter passed away. As I have read it to myself and to my son, my grief-ridden heart has been reminded that because of the resurrection, our good-bye is not a forever goodbye.  

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