Men + Women championing women's discipleship together

“It makes our church a much healthier, stronger, more mature church, and we impact the suburb of Guildford a whole lot better because of a thing like EQUIP. … It’ll be one of the best ministry decisions you make.” (Tim Booker, Guildford)

Sometimes women’s ministry is seen as something siloed off from the rest of the local church, like the annual gingerbread house event. But at its heart, women’s ministry is completely integrated into the life of a church, whether it’s bible study groups, 121 ministry or conversations after church on a Sunday.

That’s why it works best when it’s championed by both men and women. As Tim Booker says below (in a video from a few years ago).

“We’re really keen to get behind EQUIP because it provides training that no local church can provide.It really grows our women in incredible ways. They come back, they’re pumped, they’re excited, they’ve grown in their knowledge of God, and their love God, and their desire to serve. These are women who are already serving, but they are even more motivated to serve when they come back." All the men at church are really keen to get behind it. to make it as easy as possible for as many women from church to get along.”

Di WarrenComment