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EQUIP live stream

Saturday 22 June 2019

Would you love to come to our annual EQUIP women conference, but live outside of Sydney? Or maybe your health or circumstances prevent you from coming into the city?  EQUIP women can be live streamed over the internet in high quality. 

Note: If you are able to come to the conference in Sydney, please do!  It is a great experience being with thousands of women together glorifying God and learning from His Word.


The cost of your registration is calculated according to the number of women watching at one location.

Individual (1-2 people)

Small Group (3-5 people)

Groups of 6+
$85* base rate + $12 per person
For example, a group of 8 pays $85 + $12 x 8 = $181

Simply register with your best estimate of group size.
On conference day, update your numbers and pay any balance owing.
If your final numbers are less than your initial estimate, we can provide a partial refund (minimum registration fee $157).
*$85 base rate is equivalent to the standard ticket price paid by each delegate who joins us at Darling Harbour.

Site Licence (unlimited viewers in one location)
This is the most economical option for groups of 80+.

Is cost an issue? We don't want anyone to miss out. Please contact us to discuss options.




1. Promote

  • Use our customisable postcards to promote your event by print or email. Simply download, fill in your church details, save as a PDF and then you can either email or print your edited version. Download one to a page or two to a page.

  • Join our active EQUIP Facebook page to interact with the community and stay up to date with the latest news



  • We have a separate registration site for EQUIP live stream to avoid confusion and to customise your experience.

  • Ability to upgrade your registration after 22 June if your group becomes larger than you originally registered.



  • Book your church building or home.

  • Find someone tech-savvy to run the video. Check this Technical Information.

  • Think about how to create your own conference feel e.g. decorations, food, projector, session leader etc.

  • A detailed program for the day will be available soon. Please note that times are approximate as EQUIP is a live event.

  • Our online bookstall is coming soon. It will contain a hand-picked selection of titles to further your thinking about living 'In the Spirit of Love' as well as plenty of other great reads.

  • Song list and Spotify playlist coming soon.

  • The booklet will be available for download approximately one week before the conference.


"It was great we could participate and benefit from EQUIP without even leaving Melbourne."

Meltone Baptist | MAY 2015


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Technical Info

Please ensure that you have tested your internet, audio and visual set up BEFORE Saturday 22 June. We want you to have a great day at EQUIP, and testing your internet speed and checking your data usage caps in advance will help to ensure that. Please test the actual computer or mobile device you plan to use, in the actual location that you plan to use it.



  1. Use the newest computer or mobile device that you have available.

  2. If watching as a group, connect your computer to a projector or screen or TV that is appropriate for your group size.

  3. Amplify the computer's audio through your sound system or use large computer speakers.

  4. Connect to the internet - you must have a broadband connection. We recommend using a fixed internet connection such as ethernet if possible, for best viewing results. Wifi can be used, but, is not nearly as reliable. A 3G or 4G connection can be used on your mobile device.

  5. Test your internet speed and ability to view a Live Stream using the links below. We recommend having a download speed of at least 2Mbps for smooth playback.

  6. Once you are satisfied that your system is sufficient for Live Streaming at your venue, then you need to register for the conference. The link for viewing EQUIP will be emailed to you the week of the conference.



1. Test a live streaming video here. Watch something right now. We will be using IBM Cloud video (previously USTREAM) to live stream our conference.

2. Test your internet speed here. We recommend having a minimum download speed of at least 2 Mbps for smooth live stream playback.  It can be helpful to run the test several times to see if you are getting consistent download speeds.  We have incredibly fast upload speeds at ICC, but if the internet speed is not sufficient on your end, there is nothing we can do to fix this for you.

3. If you're having problems streaming videos get help here.



You can view the live stream of the conference on iPhone, iPads and Android devices.  The link, login and password instructions will be emailed to you the week of conference day.

You will require an internet download speed of at least 2Mbps for smooth playback.  To test the speed on your mobile device, download the app "Speedtest.net" and then test your download speed.



You can only watch a live stream if you have a consistent internet connection. Shared or wi-fi networks are often too unreliable to view a live stream without interruption. We recommend viewing on the best possible connection you can - ethernet is always best.  If you can, make sure that no one else is using high-bandwidth applications such as YouTube on your network at the same time that you are streaming on conference day.

Connecting your computer via an ethernet cable can help you avoid the possibility of an inconsistent wireless connection.

Also, it is important that you are aware of any Bandwidth usage caps that you have on your broadband connection.



IBM Cloud video (previously USTREAM TV) uses variable bitrate based on your connection and the quality level of video you select. If you have a very fast internet connection and choose to watch HD quality video, you could use as much as 10GBs to watch the entire 5 hour conference.  However, you may use as little as 3GBs to live stream the conference if you select to view a lower quality video stream.

It is very important to check your Bandwidth caps or data plan in advance, so that you do not get charged extra data usage or your connection is slowed down while you are watching the live stream.

Your ISP may allow you to temporarily increase your data plan but, you will need to contact them ahead of conference day.  Or risk possibly getting an overage charge.



If you have any difficulties with your live stream on conference day, go here

If you have successfully been watching the livestream for a few hours and then start experiencing problems, like a slow down of the livestream, try this:  Quit out of the EQUIP website Livestream login page, quit and restart your browser and then re-login to the EQUIP Livestream page.

If that does not help you fix any problems please email us at: livestream@equip.org.au  Our Live Stream team will be monitoring that email address on conference day.  Additionally, if you have registered you will be given an emergency mobile number you can ring on the day as well.  This emergency number will be included in the email that has your link, password and login details for watching the EQUIP live stream on conference day.

We will start streaming approximately 30 minutes before the conference begins in the morning, and live stream until we finish the Twilight conference scheduled to end at 8:15pm.