Saturday 22 June 2019



"EQUIP Teens is such an exciting day - seeing the next generation of young women so keen to learn about their faith together. We start together with the women's conference and then break out for our own time together. I’ve heard all the talks (women’s and teens) are we’re in for a treat.”

Mathea Yeung | EQUIP Teens Chair





ANNABEL NIXEY lives in Canberra where her husband Simon is a minster at Crossroads Church. Annabel is a regular speaker at EQUIP women and conferences around Australia, and an occasional blogger at our EQUIP Book Club and the Australian Church Record.

JODIE BLAIR and her husband Peter grew up in Ireland, which explains her awesome accent! They currently studying at Moore College in Sydney, before returning to their home church in Ireland in 2021.

KAREN LAWSON-SMITH has just moved to Guilford, where she serves on staff in the local Anglican church, with a main focus on youth and kids.



2:30pm - 3:20pm

  • Registration (Level 4)

3:20pm - 8:15pm

  • Session 1 [together with EQUIP women]

  • Session 2

  • Session 3


  • Sign out teen delegates (Level 4)



ticket prices

Standard: $55 (1 February - 10 June)
Last minute: $60 (11 June - 20 June)


The EQUIP combo includes one EQUIP twilight and one EQUIP teens registration for $120.
The combo ticket is available until 10 June and cannot form part of an EQUIP women group booking.
Combo tickets can be purchased through the EQUIP19 registration page.

Before you register

Before you begin the registration process on behalf of a teen delegate, please check that you have:

  • Obtained consent from the delegate's parent or guardian (if you are not the parent or guardian).

  • The name of another delegate that your teen delegate would like to be in a discussion group with.

  • The name and mobile number of an emergency contact person (over 18 years old) who will be attending EQUIP19 (twilight).

  • Any medical information that we should know about, e.g. Ventolin or EpiPen use.

who can attend equip teens?

EQUIP teens is for girls in Years 7-11.
Youth leaders accompanying a teen delegate should attend the EQUIP twilight conference.
Mothers do not attend EQUIP teens with their daughters. We invite you to join us at EQUIP twilight, where you will hear talks on the same topics.


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