Saturday 19 May 2018



"EQUIP Teens is such an exciting day - seeing the next generation of young women so keen to learn about their faith together. We start together with the women's conference and then break out for our own time together."

Chris Bransdon | EQUIP Teens Chair




MATHEA YEUNG worked as a Speechie, but is now started studying at Moore College Newtown, with her husband Kev. Until recently, she led a Kids Church team, with an amazing bunch of teens. "Their love for God's word and the kids really inspired me. I wish I was as mature as them, when I was their age."

TASH LEONG loves being part of the UNSW Ministry team. "Working with young adults, who are just out of school, is really exciting, as they have so much energy and are thinking big about life." Tash will be speaking to both EQUIP Women and EQUIP Teens.

DI WARREN shares her home with her husband James, 2 young adult sons Josh and Ben, 1 late teenager daughter Emma,  and too many surfboards and skateboards to count. "I love the energy of family dinners, though now everyone is driving, I never know when anyone will be home!" Di is passionate about women and youth coming to know Jesus.  She will be speaking to both EQUIP Women and EQUIP Teens.



2:45pm - 3:20pm

  • Registration at the Cockle Bay Room (Level 3)

3:20pm - 8:15pm

  • Entree (Exodus 12) Tash Leong  [together with EQUIP women]
  • Main (Exodus 22-24) Di Warren [together with EQUIP women]
  • Dessert (1 Corinthians 11:17-34) Mathea Yeung


  • Sign out teen delegates at the Cockle Bay Room (Level 3)



ticket prices

Standard: $55 (1 February - 7 May)
Last minute: $60 (8 May - 16 May)


The EQUIP combo includes one EQUIP twilight and one EQUIP teens registration for $115.
The combo ticket is available until 7 May and cannot form part of an EQUIP women group booking.

Before you register

Before you begin the registration process on behalf of a teen delegate, please check that you have:

  • Obtained consent from the delegate's parent or guardian (if you are not the parent or guardian).
  • The name of another delegate that your teen delegate would like to be in a discussion group with.
  • The name and mobile number of an emergency contact person (over 18 years old) who will be attending EQUIP18 (twilight).
  • Any medical information that we should know about, e.g. Ventolin or EpiPen use.

who can attend equip teens?

EQUIP teens is for girls in Years 7-11.
Youth leaders are also able to attend if accompanying a teen delegate, however we recommend that you attend the EQUIP twilight conference instead.
Youth leaders who do attend EQUIP teens will be placed in their own discussion group.
Mothers do not attend EQUIP teens with their daughters. We invite you to join us at EQUIP twilight, where you will hear talks on the same topics.



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