Part 2 - Made for More by Emily Cobb

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Have you been looking for a book that will help you explain your faith to your friends? In Made for More, Emily Cobb explains why people can’t seem to overcome their longing for something more. We were made by God to experience love and hope and purpose in relationship with Him.

In Chapter 6 Cobb assumes some knowledge of the nativity story. But then she goes on to explain it so that those who are familiar might rethink their assumptions, and that those who aren’t will know what she’s talking about.

‘But just pause for a moment. Don’t let any familiarity with the story cause you to look past just how strange this all is. Even in the first century, when Jesus’ birth took place, this was a very unusual scenario.’

And she asks the question why? Why was Jesus’ birth so messy, so humble? At Christmas time we are reminded that God’s ways are not our ways. Just as the birth of God’s chosen king was humble, Jesus’ life was characterized by humility.

‘Although Jesus was in his very nature God, and deserved all the honour and privilege and glory that God deserves, he was willing to lay all this aside. And he did it for the sake of his people—people like you and me who were riddled with sin and a longing for more. Jesus chose to humble himself and endure hardship all through his life so that he might overcome our predicament.’

In chapters 7 and 8 Cobb looks at the life of Jesus and shows how he was the only person who ever pleased God. When he was tempted, he did not sin. And Jesus loved others. He didn’t distance himself from the unlovely and the unloved. Like the bleeding woman and the woman at the well. Cobb retells the beautiful stories of Jesus’ interactions with these women who are looked down upon, who are longing for healing and for love.  We see that Jesus healed the bleeding woman, even though she had done nothing to deserve it. Maybe we don’t have to do anything to earn Jesus’ notice or favour? This might be an important explanation for a friend who comes from a works based religious background. These two women encountered Jesus and their lives were irrevocably changed. Here is Jesus offering an answer to the ‘longings and deep-down sense that there must be more.’

In Made for More, Emily Cobb presents Jesus as the answer to the longing for meaning, for relationship and for hope. She explains why Jesus had to die. She examines what the Bible says eternal life with God will be like. And she busts the myth that Hell is where I will be with all my friends. Then she calls on the reader to come to Jesus. If you have been praying for your friend and you have made every effort to show them God’s love, and you want them to see the gospel of Jesus and to talk about it with them, then read this book and give it to them. Keep praying, keep talking, keep loving them.

‘It turns out we were made for another world, and although we’re not there yet there is so much to be gained in following Jesus right now. No-one can love you more or offer you more satisfaction, meaning and purpose, both now and eternally. Please, give up living for yourself and turn to Jesus. We really were made for more.’

Made for More is available from Matthias Media



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