Identity Theft edited by Melissa Kruger

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EQUIP19 Picks - 10 books chosen and reviewed for you by our EQUIP team

Identity Theft edited by Melissa Kruger pinpoints some of the common lies that we believe about what defines us; issues like our work, our marital status and even our social network. We are fed these lies from our society, the devil, or even ourselves - when our consciences lead us astray. This book is easy to read and accessible for women of different ages, backgrounds and life experiences. Each chapter is written by a different woman, addresses a different ‘lie’ and provides a counter truth from God’s Word.

The women helpfully bring their own personal struggles to the book. As I read their reflections, it was like an older sister reminding me, that my true identity is found only in Christ; that I have been rescued by grace, am beloved by the Father, clothed in splendor, filled with the Holy Spirit and a citizen of heaven, just to name a few! There is great beauty in the picture this book (and the Bible) paints of our true, eternal identity. It would be a great choice to read with a friend or group of Christian sisters, as there’s a set of discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

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